VEPTR for Jeunes Syndrme
Posted 2013-09-06 1:08 PM (#42056)
Subject: VEPTR for Jeunes Syndrme

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Hi my son had his first VEPTR placed 12/28 and second placed 4/19 and first expansion 8/26. He now has left bronchus compression. Have any others had this issue and if so, how did you overcome it?
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Arlene "Zoe's mom"
Posted 2013-09-07 9:58 PM (#42068 - in reply to #42056)
Subject: Re: VEPTR for Jeunes Syndrme


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Hi there, I will have one of our jeune's mom's get on here as soon as she can. Most of us use the facebook group: VEPTR Kids.

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sawyer's mom
Posted 2013-09-07 10:07 PM (#42069 - in reply to #42056)
Subject: RE: VEPTR for Jeunes Syndrme

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my question is... is your child asymmetrical after the surgery? my son had compression which resolved when his other side was fixed and he was more even. you can pm me or call720-971-0921
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