my lil sebastian's story
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Subject: my lil sebastian's story

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hello all, so glad i found this amazing forum, i too happen to just stumble across it, wonderfull stories all, so glad i can finally relate to someone, and be where you all understand, well anyhow, here is my lil' sebastian's story:

it all began in utero when i was about 5 months pregnant, my high risk pregnacy doctor detected a severe deformatity in the spine but it was explained to us they had no idea to what extent, and even suggested we consider an abortion,(can you Believe) well after being married for 8 years and trying numerous times to succeed with two previous miscarraiges that was not an option. My lil Boy Sebastian was born on feb 27th 2009 prematurely at 30 wks 1day gestation. He was carried away quickly and was studies by numerous dr's,(while all i wanted to know was if he was ok and if he had my husbands nose, i know how silly) well he was a little 3 pound boy kicking and being quite normal, he was in the NICU for 6 wks and was diagnosed with congenital scoliosis, he has no other health problems and is very very active and at times talks too much,jk he is the apple of our eyes, and a true miracle and blessing!!!
He has been seen by the wonderful Dr. Munish Gupta at Schriner's Hospital in Sacramento Ca and has already had his VEPTR insertion in may which went wonderful and from a 130 degree curve it corrected to 90 degrees, he just had his first lenghtening and we are just amazed as to how quick he is recovered. we will have his post op appt. in 3 weeks.
thanks all for reading my story and hope the best to all in our journey, my little boy is sooo amazing it is a honor to be his mommy, god bless you all

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Subject: Re: my lil sebastian's story

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Welcome and thank you for sharing.
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Subject: RE: my lil sebastian's story


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Welcome Isis, Sebastian and family,

Very happy to meet you.  I've heard great things about Dr. Gupta.  I was fortunate to meet him once when he was beginning the VEPTR program at Shriners.  He was so concerned about the post-op care for our kids that he brought a few of his nursing staff to a VEPTR training meeting in SLC to have them hear from parent about the expectations and needs we have/had.  I'm very happy (and not at all surprised) to hear you've had great experiences there.  Going from 130 degrees to 90 degrees is amazing.  Hopefully continued correction will happen.

Looking forward to hearing more from you.

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Subject: Re: my lil sebastian's story

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Thanks dianne and carmell for the welcome, it feels great to read wonderful stories!!!
anyone else has worked with Dr. Gupta?
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Subject: Re: my lil sebastian's story


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Welcome to the boards and thanks for sharing your story. Katie was also diagnosis inutero with scolisois. She had her first VEPTR surgery last October, at age two, since then she has had two expansions and needs to have one of the rods replaced in January. It is great to have people to share with.... that understand what our kids are going through.
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